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First of all, when he described his 1st meeting with Princess Diana, the way he acted it out, like it was really happening....He did her voice, acting like she was very timid and could barely get out the words, "Are you gonna do Dirty Diana?" Michael tried to explain to her that he'd taken it out of the show, out of respect for her, but she was like, "No! Leave it in, do the song!" Then, when Barbara Walters asked him how he heard she had died, he, suddenly, looked very sad and his voice was really low. He said he woke up and his doctor was the one to call and give him the news. He said he fell back down, in grief, and started to cry. He felt pain, an inner pain, in his stomach and his chest, and he said he couldn't handle this. It's too much. And he said he could feel that there was gonna be another one, soon, and he closed his eyes and he said he prayed, "Please don't let it be me." Children, tears were lapping down my chin, at that point. Then he said, "I could feel there was gonna be another one...then there was Mother Teresa." Barbara asked him if he was saying he was psychic. He paused and he said, "I don't wanna say that, but I have done that, before." Then he went into how he's been in that kinda life all his life, running from the tabloids, and he made it clear he wasn't referring to main stream press, he said the tabloids and the paparazzi. Then he gave a little demonstration of what it's like to run from them. He uncrossed his legs and he started moving them, kinda like he was running. Then he said, "You can't go that way, cause they're over there. Well, let's go this way. We pretend to go that way, but we go that way." Then he held his hand up and said, "Someone should say 'Hold on! This person deserves his privacy. You are not allowed to go there.'" He talked about not being able to go to the store or the park, and having to hide in his room, feeling like he was in prison. He even told about how he'd found a machine hidden under the toilet. He provided sound effects. "Chit-chit-chit-chit-chit!....OH MY GOD!" MJians, it took everything in me to not pee on myself, when I saw the look on his face, when he remembered seeing that camera. That's some sick shit, but that look on his face was priceless! A face you've probably NEVER seen him make, before. You'll see what I mean. Then Barbara asked if he'd ever tried to out run the paparazzi. He said, "They chase us on scooters. VRROOMM!" HA! I just love the sound effects!! Then he says, he tells the driver, "Slow down. Gone kill us. I've done that many times. I say, slow down. Gone kill us. Then the driver gets out and yells at these people." Then Babs played devel's advicate and said, "There's the argument that you rely on publicity to sell your albums..." Michael breaks in, "When I approve of something, yes." Then Babs goes, "You can't just invite them in, again and again, and then, at certain points, close them out." Michael was quick to respond. "Yes you can." Babs goes, "How? When do you start the line?" Michael says, "By doing that. By saying this is their time for this, but this you should not do. You should not call someone an animal. You should not say he's Jacko." He narrows his eyes. "I'm not a Jacko...I'm Jackson." He said he has a heart and has feelings and that hurts him, when people say that. That's when I vowed to never say it again. I had no idea... So, Babs goes at him again, saying, "Some would say that you add to the attention..." Michael says, "No, I don't." Babs continues, "The masks, the mysterious behavior..." Michael says, "No, there's no mysterious behavior. There's a time, when I give a concert. As many people that wanna come can come and enjoy the show. But there's a time when you like to be in private, when you put on your pajamas go to sleep. Cut off the light, chi-DING (another sound effect) and you lie down." Big smile on his face. Goose bumps on my arms. HA! "That's your private space. If you go in the park, I can't go in the park, so I created my own park, at Neverland. With my own water space, my movie theater, my theme park, that's all for me to enjoy." Then Babs gets real personal, saying, "I don't want this to sound insulting, I'm just trying to be straight with you...but you are somewhat eccentric, to say the least. The way you dress, the way you look, it invites attention." Then they cut to Michael, and he actually sits up in his chair and straightens his coat, never taking his eyes off her, like he's thinking, "I don't know what you're talking about, old woman, I look good!" LOLOLOL!! But, in a way, he looked offended, but was trying to hide it. I felt uncomfortable for him, but, honestly, I can't say Babs was, at all, off the mark. Michael was wearing that Fedora, that sparkly black jacket, the t-shirt underneath, the pants with the stripes down the side, the make-up and lashes were as prevelant as ever. He really couldn't argue with that. So, anyway, Babs goes, "You are, in ways, larger than life, very extreme. You don't think that calls the paparazzi to you?" Michael thinks a second then says, "No. (big surprise) No. Maybe I like to live that way, I like to dress that way. I don't want the paparazzi, but if they come, be kind, write the right kinds of things." Babs asked, "Michael, is it the journalist's role to be kind." Michael kinda lifts his chin and asks, like that's a silly question, "To be kind?" Babs goes, "The press also, sometimes, have to look into things...be tough." That makes Michael laugh, which is, of course, another heart melting moment. The man's smile is like sunshine! And Babs just goes, "We can't always be kind." Michael simply says, "What you saw, what happened to Lady Diana...you tell me." Babs was stifled like a brick statue. HA! Then he goes on, "There should be some boundaries, some kind of way. The star needs some space. Give him a chance to relax. He has a heart, he's human." Babs changes the subject. "You canceled your concert, when you heard of Diana's death." Michael looked absolutely pittiful, when he replied, in this soft soft voice, "Yes.." Babs goes, "When you finally did a concert, you dedicated it to Diana. What did you say?" Michael says, "In my heart I was saying, I love you Diana. Shine and shine on, forever. You are the true Princess of the people. And in words, I did not say that, but I said it, for 3 minutes, with her picture up, on all the jumbo-tron screens. And her picture was there, shining, and the crowd went bananas. (another sound effect) Rah, rah, rah, rah, rah!! And I played the song, Smile and Gone Too Soon." Babs asked for lyrics and Michael recited, "Shiney and sparkley and splendidly bright. Here one day, gone one night. Gone too soon.." And THAT was the end of the first half. During the second half, they talked about Prince Michael. Babs asked, "You said 'I grew up in a fish bowl. I will not allow that to happen to my son.' Yet, when your son was born, you sold pictures to the National Enquirer and to other European tabloids. Why did you do that?" Michael says, "Why? Because there was a race. There were some illegal pictures out. Someone took pictures of a baby, for millions of dollars, saying here's Michael's son." Babs asked if it was his son and Michael said it wasn't. "So, I took pictures... they're forcing me to do this. There's helicopters flying over my house, flying over the hospital, they have machines and satelites all over... One of the nurses said 'Michael, we've had all kinda stars here, we've never had it like this.' So, I said here. Take them. And I gave the money to charity." Babs goes, "So, in a sense, what you did was to get them off your back." Michael agreed. "Now, they want me to do it again, and I don't wanna do it again. Maybe I don't wanna show him to the world, again, like that. Let him have some space, where he can go to school. I don't want him to be called Wacko Jacko. That's not nice. They call the father that. That isn't nice. Right?" Babs says, "You say you don't want your child called Wacko Jacko's son. How're you gonna prevent that, if they do that?" Michael says, "That's the thing, that's the idea. Maybe you should come up with something to help me." Babs says, "You're his daddy." Michael goes, "There you go." He shrugs. "They created that. Didn't they think that I would have a child, one day, that I have a heart? It hurts my heart, why pass it on to him?" Babs asks, "Do you like being a father?" That smile creeps up and Michael says, "I love it." Babs asks, "Do you want more children?" Michael kinda laughs, like he knows a secret. Hmmm. Then he goes, "Yes." Babs goes, "You have been in the spotlight, since you were a baby, yourself. If your son shows talent...By the way, does he show talent at nine months?" I don't know how Babs came up with nine months. Michael kinda laughs and says, "Well, I'll tell you this much. When he's crying, too keep him from crying, I have to do one thing." Babs asks, "What's that?" Michael says, "I have to stand in front of him and dance." Babs smiles and looks stunned. "Really??" Michael laughes. "Yes." Babs asks, "And do you do your moonwalk?" Michael laughs and says, "No, I do like..." Then he does a few moves, in his chair and he laughs this adorable laugh. "Then he stops crying." Babs says, "You must do a lot of dancing." Michael leans over, laughing, in his chair. A REAL laugh. He was really tickled by that, and he says, "Yeah, I do a lot of dancing." Then Babs comes up with a scenario. "Michael, if this little boy comes up to you one day and says 'Daddy. I wanna go on the stage.'" That alone made Michael just laugh and laugh and he slapped his knee. A good ole knee slapper. I adored it because it was natural and so him. You could tell. Then he says, "I'll say 'hole on, nah!'" He laughs some more. "Hold on....I'd say 'expect this, excpect that, expect this, and expect that'", he said, pointing at each of his fingers, in turn. Babs says, "You'd lay it all out for him?" Michael says, "I'd lay it all out. And I'd say.." He points to all the cameras around him. "You're gonna get all this, and all this, and all this." The way he looks is so natural and relaxed and unrehearsed. I loved it. Michael laid back. So cute! And his voice was deeper! So fatherly, like he was giving his son a heart-to-heart. Then he says, "You wanna do that? Yeah I can't wait!(pretending to be Prince talking)" He points away. "Go! And do it better than I did it." Babs says, "But know what you're in for." Michael says, "Know what you're in for." Then Babs concludes by saying that neither Michael nor her people nor the hotel had told press about the meeting, but when Michael tried to leave, through a back door, there was a crowd already waiting. And there was, too! It looked like a few hundred people. I said, "Damn, that was quick!" But what I really appreciated Barbara having the guts to do is she said, before the interview started, "By the way, we checked with the LA District Attorney and with Santa Barbara and they said there is no active case against Michael Jackson today." Go Babs! So many people LOVE to conveniently forget that. Well, anyway, that's it. This interview is, now, my favorite, because, even though it's not as long as the others, it's Michael being himself and being animated and funny and adorable. I absolutely LOVED it! Congratulations, Michael, my heart...



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